14 February 2019

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27 June 2018 || Character profile arts

Woof, I'm back! Most of you already knew, but I sacrificed last month's update for work needed for the SSSS books. But I finished my last task for that last week, which was the sketches on the bookplate stickers, so I'm now finally back to having time for this little game again. Such a relief.

I already got a few things done worth showing, first of I drew a whole bunch of mini portraits for the dialogue scenes. Mikkel and Sigrun are going to need a couple, then I should have everything needed for this one little section of the story. Not a whole lot of smiling in this part!

Also got some coding done. Someone way back when commented that I should try to create my own simplified formatting type for writing the story scene frames instead of trying to cram the info into JSON files. So I did that! Wrote my own little (clunky but working) parser, and the text files now look like this:

That's it for this week. My goal that I'm working against right now is finishing everything needed for this one relatively short section to be pretty much complete in the way I want it to be in the final product (sans audio), one little chunk at a time. The needed things are finishing the NPCs (make them look a bit less robotic), the story scenes (including the arts and some code cleanup), writing the dialogues aaand ... Reynir's sprite needs to be animated, he's the one who will be controlled in this part. That's it I think! There's no battles in this scene so I can leave working on that for later. I guess I'll pick animating Reynir's sprite for my next immediate task.

See you next month!