25 April 2018

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26 July 2017 || Dialogue boxes

Hi all! It's a shorter update this time, but we're getting one step closer to testable prototype time with a much needed addition: dialogue boxes!

That's right, can't go without dialogue bubbles, not for a story-focused game. They also work for environment inspection boxes and such:

If there's no "speaker" object defined the code will simply put the dialogue box there at the bottom and without the bubble tail, everything else works the same. Also, if you initiate a dialogue is such a position that the player avatar's head (Sigrun's in this case) would be covered by the box, it'll move the box below the speaker instead.

There's some important things still missing, most notably the speech bubble won't auto-expand if there's more text than that, and there's no capability for branching choices set up yet.


Nothing more this round. Haven't had too much of extra time these couple weeks (book work still going on), but this was a fairly satisfying bit of progress nevertheless. :3