20 March 2018

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3 May 2017 || Better inventory

Welcome to the first update of May! Yikes, time flies way so fast, it simultaneously feels like the game is coming along at a really nice pace, and yet I thought I'd have a bunch more done at this point. Hm. Ah, well, there's no hurry.

Since last time I've mostly worked on making the inventory work more properly and also look better. Now it looks like this:

Last time you guys saw it, which was also the last time I even touched the darn thing, it looked like this:

Looks, ahem, just a tiny bit better now? There's still a lot to improve on and add, for example the description box for the items is still just... there. But at least it displays a description now! And apart from the visuals there's also a few other improvements:
-The characters in your party show up on the right. -You can actually pick a character to use an item on, wooow! x3 (last time there was just one test character hard-coded in)
-Item effects for reviving, healing, and taking hp work (the last one is pointless, I just have it there to easily test beating up and -Items have categories and show a little icon based on what category they're in (for example healing or miscellaneous) KO'in the characters while the battle system is non-existent. )

Other than that I've spent a bunch of time cleaning up the code for the inventory window in a way that'd make it reusable for shops and such. It wasn't a catastrophic amount of work to get that fixed up, I think I might have had that thought in the back of my head back when I first started the inventory, so most crucial parts were already set up in a reusable way.

That's the progress as far as content goes for this time, but here's also an illustration I managed to finish today to round off the update: