26 March 2019

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26 March 2019 || Item pickups, more dialogues and other stuff done

Hellooo, welcome back! Got lots of new little things to show this time, ticking off the small details that need to get done one by one.

First up, I've added and finished item pickups in the world! "Hidden" items appear as little sparkles before they're picked up so you won't need to hug every wall and rock trying to find stuff.

Second thing I added (and finished) was little bobbling icons above the character's head that appear when you are facing an interactable object. Dialogue bubble means regular NPC/character dialogues or something inspectable, exclamation mark means it's a story scene. I spent soooo much time fixing bugs with this one, because I was hooking it up with some of the older codes I've made and some of it isn't the greatest. But it works now, and as a bonus I got some old hidden kinks ironed out.

Third thing is I wrote and added all the NPC dialogues I needed for this scene, maybe about a dozen or so in total, not too many. It was kinda fun, mostly beacause the dialogue setup seems to work pretty well now and I didn't run into any weirdness or bugs when adding them in.

The fourth thing is something I started working on today and is not finished: snow effect script! i want to be able to just draw in a box and make snow fall in the scene wherever the box extends to, with simple adjustable parameters for how much snow, winds speed. Been learning a bit about object pooling, wrote a simple object pooling script and started making snow flakes. Right now what I've got is this monstrosity:

Now I just need to make the nowflakes vary in size and opacity and actually move, hehe. Also make them look fluffy, the test sprite is just a white dot.

Oh, almost forgot, I also made a script that disables or enables objects based on wether or not something has happened in the story/been recorded into the progress list.This is what I use for the much needed "door will be blocked until x is done" or "a bunch of NPC's will disappear from an area after finishing something" purposes.


There we go, that's everything I remember doing since last time. As you can see I've been moving forward and back to the snowy scene after only dealing with the little station scene for a while. It's because I'm finished with almost everything needed for that scene to be completely playable! All the little details of teleporting around after doing this and removing NPCs after doing that etc.

It's still missing some character expressions for the story scenes so it's not 100%, but I got tired of drawing faces so I'm leaving that for later. I'll have to come back to add sounds later anyway, for now I'm moving forward with the scenes and making the rest palyable too.