7 May 2019

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25 July 2018 || Animations! Reynir, Mikkel and Emil.

Hello again! I set out to just animate Renir's run cycles and then fiddle with some other part, but I got into a nice pattern with it so I just rolled with it and kept on animating. Reynir's, Mikkel's and Emil's animations are now all done. Here's reynir:

then we've got Mikkel:

Aaand Emil:

Since I've been aable to use Sigrun's animation frames as a guide these were way faster to do than hers. I've been able to knock out one in only a day (so one per my weekly side project day). Plus all their idle standing animations are done too, finished all those today. Those were super simple though, I've opted for just going with a mere breathing animation. For Sigrun I had gone all in and animated a slight clothing and hair movement too, but I opened the file for reference and immediately went "uuuuuhhh, no way I'm doing this for all 6 characters, nonono." Sigrun can keep her fancy standing animations, the rest will do fine with just a little breathing movement!

For next time I think I'll continue on this streak and finish the animations for Lalli and Onni too. That will probably take three days in total, so I might be able to start on the actual code for switching between the characters in game too. See you then everyone! (And also tomorrow for the next comic page.)