20 June 2019

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25 April 2018 || New story art

It's been an art-focused month, I've been working on the story and story-related art for the chapter that'll be included in the next demo version. After finalizing the script I've established that I'll need just about 20 art pieces (the kind that'll cover the whole game window with a dialogue strip at the bottom ) for this section. Which isn't that much, really! I've finished 7 of them in the last couple weeks, only about 13 to go! (The other chapters will have way more story in them and thus a whole lot more art, so I expect it'll take a really long time to draw everything I'll need. But this was always going to be a lengthy eat-the-elephant-one-bite-at-a-time kind of project.)

Here's little previews of some of the newly finished story arts, they'll have dialogue to go with them once you get to try out the demo:

See you next month!