7 May 2019

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20 March 2018 || NPCs

Hello again everyone! I've got a couple of new things to show you guys this time. First on the art side of things: the environment art for one more area is finished, in fact it is the last set of environment art that I still needed to do for the next demo version of the game. Now all the scenes for the demo have their art and are properly connected to each other in Unity, next I need to start creating and putting in the actual story content so you can't just run through it all in 3 minutes. ;3

Here's a little peek at the new area:

Next up we've got: NPCs! All they do so far is stand about or walk around in a handful of different patterns, but they already make the place feel so much less empty. Look at them go:

Next I need to work out a non-messy way to hook them up with the dialogue bubble script I wrote ages upon ages ago and they'll actually be useful for something. But most of the work on the NPCs feels like done, the way I set them I'll only need to add more sprites to a spritesheet to create new different types of them, they all use the same script for the (extremely simple) walking animation.

For next month I'm thinking it's time to focus on the story parts for a bit. Now that all the environments for this part of the story are there I can start being serious with adding in content that's supposed to be there until the very end, rather than just various test-things .