14 February 2019

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22 Feb 2018 || Work status update

Ah, it's been a while since the last update! And let me tell you: I haven't touched this project at all in a month! Not even a little bit. I've fully prioritized producing the content for book 2 of SSSS, and as of this weekend I have finished all of it, and the book is now in the hands of the good folks over at Hiveworks, undergoing its final print file preps and quality controls. Feels good.

What's still left on my part is designing the book plate, and then signing a ton of them (and little sketches on a few hundred), so that'll probably be something that's going on for the next month or two. But it's a less time-intensive task, since it's not something that'll be holding up production of anything else, and I can slowly work my way through that while the book is being printed. Which means: I'll have time each week for my dear side project, aka this, once again!

So that's mostly what this update is, just letting you guys know what the situation is, and that next month should be a normal progress update again with some proper content. Oh, but I do have some content for this update too! I finally finished the designs for our two missing characters: Lalli and Onni. Cyborgs, not mages, in this universe. Enjoy!