21 August 2018

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19 Sept 2017 || Plans going forward

Thank you all prototype testers! Your feedback and bug reports were great, and I'm in turn happy to report that a) there were way fewer bugs than I feared, and b) almost all of the bugs found are either stuff I've managed to find the cause of or at least have an idea where to start looking.

And all in all I'm very happy with how the testing went. Since this was my very first public test version of anything I've coded I wasn't really sure how it'd turn out, and was frankly preparing to spend the next few months having to rebuild a lot in case it turned out to be fundamentally broken. But now it looks like I can simply move forward right away, which is a great relief.

So the next goalpost is going to be another test version, but this time a fairly polished demo with as few features missing as possible. Here's what I'm aiming for it to have at least:

-A handful of finished locations, including one actual town.
-The battle system more or less finished.
-A few more enemies, and one boss fight.
-The parts of the menus that's still missing (map, character stats etc)
-All characters included
-A bit of story.
-Make the game playable with keyboard only and mouse only if I can, rather than the mismatch that it is now.

That's a fair amount of stuff, so yes, it'll be quite a while until the next test version is ready, perhaps sometime once spring rolls around. But I already started drawing a couple of the new locations, so here's a few little preview images to round out this update:


Fially, a scedule change: for a while going forward I'll switch to posting updates once a month rather than twice a month, with an extra update every now and then if additional content happens to accumulate. You see, in the beginning the frequent bi-weekly blog posts helped ensure that I didn't skip out on working when things got tough, or when I felt like I hit a wall. But as I've become more comfortable with the processes the time for a new blog post seems to always come when I'm in the middle of coding or drawing something larger, which just disrupts the flow and results in a post that doesn't have much interesting new stuff to show. So... I want to see what updates feels like.

If it turns out I only end up slacking off with monthly updates or it doesn't improve efficiency in any way I'll switch back to the original twice a month, but for now let's see how things end up with this schedule!