26 March 2019

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5 Sept 2017 || Test prototype out!

It is time! The very first testable prototype of City of Hunger is ready! It's very short on content and feature incomplete, so don't get too excited for anything spectacular yet. But here's a download link for you all:

link to download file, from dropbox. It's a 32mb zip that you can extract anywhere.

The game doesn't have an installer at this point, merely a simple exe file. Just make sure that the folder called CitOfHunger_prototype_Data stays in the same folder as the executable and everything should work okay. (windows version only though.)


So since the main purpose of this prototype is to find bugs, if you do find something broken I'd greatly appreciate it if you could send a quick bug report to this email : cohgamebugs at gmail . com . Not mandatory of course, you can just try the prototype out for the fun of it, but if you do send one in please include in the report:
-A description of what the bug/error is
-When does/did it happen
-Can you make the bug happen over and over in the same spot/scenario, or was it a one time thing.
-If possible, a screenshot image or video clip of the bug happening. It could be really helpful.

Also: here's a short list of a few things that might look like they're bugged out, but are really just unfinished, so you can ignore them.

Number 1: The enemy spawns are still nothing but plain balls. They look terrible, but they simply don't have any graphics yet.

Number 2: The cards in battle have little symbol markings, but they seem to do nothing. That's because they don't, yet. In the future there's going to be a combo-system going on, where only cards with the right symbols can be added as support to another card. Right now you can add any card from any other character as support to boost the power of a move, as long as that character isn't knocked out.

Number 3: The description area for items in the inventory looks like this, There's no images to load in yet so it's just a white square, and the text isn't formatted in any way.

And lastly (no picture) when you enter the second scene there's a ugly color transition seam where the background image starts, very visible on bright monitors when the camera pans down. I didn't notice it until just a moment ago when using a second monitor, my regular one is a bit dimmer. It's a simple fix but didn't make it for this version.

Also: please don't send in general improvement suggestions as bug reports! The game is obviously still missing a ton of basic features and needs a lot of little improvements or additions to nearly everything. I'll make another test version further down the line once it's all more polished and there's a bit more content to play around with, and that one will be more appropriate for non-error related feedback.


Edit: one more thing that I thought of! When playing, maybe try gaining a couple levels before taking on the big mama snow spider, you can run from any battle! She's a toughie. ;3 *End of edit

That's it I think. I'll collect bug reports until the next blog post, in the meantime I suppose I'll focus on the drawing side of things for a change again. So expect art for the next update!