27 June 2018

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15 Aug 2017 || Working on the prototype

Welcome back once again. As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I'm currently focusing on putting together the first tiny prototype of the game for you guys to test! So no new features, I've just been going through everything tying up loose ends and cleaning things up.

Right now it's fairly testable overall, other than the battle system. I've removed confusing-looking placeholder things, made sure you can't trap yourself into some unfinished dead end in a menu, and fixed bugs as they've popped up.

The immediate goal is to have the prototype ready for the next update, either two or three weeks from now. Most of that time will go into trying to make the battle system more user friendly. It won't be anywhere near tip-top polished or feature complete for sure, but it should be usable at least.

Lots of other features are also going to be missing of course, like shops, many menus, sound, etc. But I've decided it's best to test the bare bones that's there now rather than pile on more content and make it harder to pinpoint potentially fundamental flaws that come up. Things might run smoothly on my computer, but I'm sure you all will find a hundred bugs for me to fix once you get your hands on it. :3

Anyway, that's this lttle update. Next time I'll have a test version ready for you guys, no matter what. That's the plan!