25 April 2018

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20 June 2017 || New art and stuff

Time for a little bit of art today. First up, an outfit design for Emil:

Since I've worked so much on different menus and such for the last few updates I also made something of a tiny, rudimentary graphic style guide for decorations somewhere along the way:

And here's a larger piece of concept art that's gobbled up the bulk of this update's work time:

Nothing more to show this time, but there has been some progress on the game side too: the resolution changing settings are almost done, complete with the beginnings of an actual settings menu. I've also made a lot of progress on the battle system, but I think I'll save that for the next update. By then I hope to have most of the crucial parts done, and for the whole thing to look somewhat presentable.

Also, next update will probably be 3 weeks from now rather than 2 again. There's still some work that has to go into the comic's chunk update that's coming up very soon, and on top of that the Kickstarter for book 2 is in the works now, thus that will take precedence on any of my leftover time for a little while. So... lots of exciting stuff in the horizon?