15 November 2018

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15 November 2018 || Story assets for this part nearly done!

Hello everyone, hope the arrival of fall has treated you not too terribly. I got a good amount of work done on the game, in fact I'm nearly finished with all the story elements of this scene. I got the remaining big images needed from the story scenes finished, wrote the dialogue for them and linked it all up together. There's some polish to be done ( such as NPC's remaining in the scene after a part of the story is done when they should be gone, missing transitions to black, locking which character you're controlling at which part) but I'm now able to go through the story in this scene as It's meant to be played through. Feeling pretty good.

Here's a couple of the images I finished to tease you on the story a bit more:

Oh yeah, a big thing that's still missing is almost all of the facial expression avatars in the story scenes. Some of them are drawn but not plugged in, while a bunch are still to be created in the first place. Sigrun is the biggest culprit, she does too much with her gosh darn face! Mikkel is the saving grace with his unflappable stone face.

But yeah, most of the story still looks like this, just white boxes where the avatars should be. It'll be real nice once they're all in there though!

See you next month! Perhaps... perhaps I will actually be able to declare this section of the game pretty much done then and move to the next part?