27 September 2018

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27 September 2018 || Finished NPC setup

Hello again! This time I've been working on finishing the setup for the NPCs and little things related to them, and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting close to the point of having all of the pieces in place to build the scenes properly. Just being able to plonk down NPCs and easily hook up dialogues makes things feel so much less "completely not done".

Main things I've done this last month are:
- Drew sprites for a handful of different NPCs (the ones I need to finish this particular scene in the game)
- Set up a less floaty and robotic-looking animation when they walk, and some "breathing" movement when they stand still. I also added a tiny random delay in starting the animation for each NPC to make sure they don't breathe in unison. Crowds looked reeeally weird there for a moment.
-NPCs can turn both counterclockwise and clockwise. Previously they were all turning around the same way.
-When you talk to an NPC they now stop and turn towards you, and then turn back to continue whatever they were doing once the dialogue is over.
-I added the same lighting script to the NPC's that the player sprite has, which means they are affected by the light and shadows in the same way.
-Dialogues can be written and read from text files in a folder now. Before I had them set up inside Unity in a text fields, but that obviously would cause difficulty with typo corrections down the line.
-Fixed a few bugs that popped up.

That's it for this time! Judging from my to-do list I think it might only be a couple more updates left until I can call this first little part fully complete to the point that I might not need to add anything to it. It's been my next milestone for a while.