31 Oct 2017

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31 Oct 2017 || New Environments

Hello again, everyone! This month I've been working on nothing but drawing environment art for the game, trying to get all the different places that are supposed to be in the next test version done in one swoop. Managed to finish most of them, there's only one medium sized area that needs to be drawn and then I can focus on the coding part for a good while again. Here's some some snapshots of what I've drawn since last update.

Oh and btw, none of these are actually in the game yet, they're just raw image files still. This is what the whole town layout looks like, in case you're interested.

The black square with a character sprite in the center is a frame that I use to simulate viewing the environment through a 1920x1080, so I can check how different places will look like without having to put it all into the game first and having to go back and forth to fix awkward looking parts. And having a little character sprite there helps keep everything scaled correctly, of course.


That's it, see you all next time! I'm thinking maybe it's time to focus a bit on the battle system again.