9 January 2018

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9 January 2018 || More character expression arts

Hello again! I focused mostly on the comic last month so I didn't get too much done most weeks, but I have now drawn and organized all of the little facial avatars for the story scenes that's needed so far, plus a whole bunch for the future. I'm sure as things progress I'll need to draw a handful more every now and then for specific scenes and emotions (and random NPC faces), but these should cover most of the ground for a while.

Oh yeah, a big thing that's still missing is almost all of the facial expression avatars in the story scenes. Some of them are drawn but not plugged in, while a bunch are still to be created in the first place. Sigrun is the biggest culprit, she does too much with her gosh darn face! Mikkel is the saving grace with his unflappable stone face.

I am looking forward to writing scenes where some of these can be used, like smiling Onni for example. I don't think I've ever drawn that before.

See you next time! I'm not 100% sure what I'll be working on next, since this scene is pretty much done and I'll be moving on to the next one, so there's a lot of small and big tasks to choose from. We'll see then!