20 June 2019

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20 June 2019 || Just a bunch of story progression done.

Welcome back! I think I said I was going to work on art for a change again but ended up doing story stuff instead. Plopping world objects into place, chaining events together, trigger for boss battle, write dialogues etc. I'm still not quite done at driving school (test in two weeks!) so that's annoyingly still eating up half a day every week, but I finally realized I could just take my laptop with me and get a couple of hours of work on CoH done as I wait for the bus back home. So that's what I've been doing!

The scenes that now have all of the story, dialogue and event stuff in place are the little station, the ice fields, entrance to the next town and this little shelter outpost scene. The characters lounging around is the only art I've drawn this time.

They're basically completely playable now, really just missing most of the story scene illustrations. I'm now doing the same for this town scene, which is the next one up in the story. I've just plonked in NPC's and dialogue/story scene starters where I know they're supposed to be. Need to draw more NPC sprites though, I only have the station worker and guard sprites still.Also that one guy is not supposed to be standing on that sign.

Well then, I'll probably continue just filling in the story elements like this for the next month too, at least get the town done for next time. See you then!