11 April 2020

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11 April 2020 || A lot more art + other updates.

Hey there, long time no see on this blog. You might think I took a break from working on this little side project of mine, but nope: been working on it every week but I just never got around to updating this. One of those motvation blocks where sitting down to collect the material for an update made me not want to do it so I just kept putting it off "one more week/month" over and over again.

Anyway, I finally did it, here's what I've been working on. Nubmer one: lots of art! I've been livestreaming drawing the story scene illustrations, enemy sprites and environment art on my twitch channel (I'm Hummingfluff over there) every Saturday for I dodn't even know how long now. At this point art makes up the vast majority of the remaining work load of the game and is going to take a long time to finish, so I've just hunkered down to do a piece of that every week. Here's some of what we've finished on the livestreams:

A lot of story art, but I still need soooo much more!

Finished the environment art for the starting location! We even spent half of one stream placing it all into unity and setting up colliders etc.

Nearly finished another location's environment art, this one took probably 30 hours at least to finish! There's actually one section that still needs details and objects drawn in, probably gonna take a few more hours, but it's nearly done now.


Other things I've done that I can't be bothere'd to insert images for but are worth noting:

-Drawn a bunch more expression avatars for characters that I needed for the dialogues
-Wrote and set up more dialogues and story sections.
-Drew a few more different sprites for NPC's, wrote dialogues for a bucnh of them
-Drew about a dozen new enemy sprites (I won't insert an image because I think it's more fun to have you guys discover them)
-Drew a lot of decorative sprites that I can use to make towns and other areas look more lush and full.
-Fixed some bugs I found.


That's all I can remember at least. I'm planning on continuing mostly hammering away at the mountain of art for now, so I think the next update is going to be "whenever" again, once I have a big new pile of it to show. But if you want to check in on the progress more often just stop by my Twitch channel any Saturday evening (Eastern European Time), and I will most likely be streaming drawing more CoH art. I'm always happy to answer questions and chat with people during it! Anyway, see you next time!