11 July 2017

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11 July 2017 || Working little battle system

Gosh, feels like it's been months since the last update, but somehow it's "only" been 3 weeks. As most of you probably know I've been focusing on the comic this last month (particularly preparing for the printing of book 2), but I've still managed to work a bit on the game every now and then. So behold, I present to you: the working (but still very feature incomplete) battle system in action:

Don't mind my weird cursor movements, I keep trying to instinctively click on the characters' face icons to target them for heals, but that's one thing that's not implemented yet. Get to click on the battle sprites! :P

It's nowhere ready for letting you guys test it out yet. Too much missing both in the user interface and the mechanics themselves, so it'd be really confusing to play. Also, the red flashes are just signs that a move was used successfully, it'll be replaced by actual move-specific visual effects.

As for the battle mechanics themselves... well, I'll explain them in depth once it's further along and I can show it. But they'll be simple. The classical rpg move and spell lists are just replaced with move cards (every character has two on the board, each column belongs to a character even though it looks like all six cards are just one big bunch right now). You pick a main card to use, and then have the option to add a card belonging to another character as a support card to strengthen the effect. There'll be rules for which cards can be liked to which, but right now anything goes as long as the card's owner is not knocked out (which is why Mikkel can't have any support cards added in the end of that clip above, both Sigrun and Reynr are out for the count. ).

For curiosity's sake here's the progression of the battle system these last couple of months:

The very first functioning "battle". You guys saw this one earlier, it's the one where I simply managed to get enemy teams to be generated, nothing else.

This doesn't look like much, but it is a lot of work later. It is the funtionality of dealing the character cards to the board, and then moving card objects around between the board and the move slots by clicikign on them (there's two support card slots at this point, I wanted to make sure there's funtionality built in for more than one if I want that in the future) Still no battle happening, clicking on the use button only acknowledge which card was "used", then discards all cards and deals a new hand.

Now there is battling happening! As can be seen from the health bars. Very rudimentary though; all cards and enemies only do one thing, which is to deal a set amount of damage to every member of the opposing team. No picking targets or anything. Adding a support card does double the attack power though.

At this point I got really tired of looking at the horrible green, red and grey mess, so I drew some quick temporary graphics. More importantly, card effects are now properly parsed and also have different targeting types (self, ally, foe, all allies and all foes), and you can pick a target by clicking on it. The only effects right now are "deal damage", "heal" and "revive", but that's enough to test a lot of things.

And now we're here! Not really any notable feature additions since the last one, mostly just internal fixes and code cleanup, and of course more complete graphics.


That's it for this time! I have no idea what I'll focus on for next update. I might just do general tidying up of various little things to get things closer to having a playable prototype for you guys. Right now there's a lot of almost finished parts that just look like bugs to anyone but myself.