Hi I'm Minna Sundberg, an independent comic artist of about 10 years. In 2020 I gave my life to Christ so now I want to use the skills, that he's given me, to serve his kingdom. So in the spirit of 1. Corinthians 10:31 I'll be drawing comics for the glory of God.

Newest Finished Comic

A Meandering Line (Testimony comic) | Published: October 2022

Read it right here

*UPDATE OCTOBER 31* It's now finished and uploaded! Happy reading!

My personal coming-to-faith story, told in comic form. Half of the story focuses on the years when I was an atheist, how I ended up wth the conclusions I did, and the other half goes through how God ened up leading me back the other way.

Currently working on

Journey Upstream | Estimated start date: early 2023

This is the next webcomic that I'm working on, and the current plan is to start posting pages online in fairly early 2023. It has its own website www.journeyupstreamcomic.com where you can find some more info!

Finished comics

Lovely People | Read it here for free | Published: spring 2021

I made the short comic "Lovely People" during 2020-2021 when I felt an internal alarm about the societal creeping towards possible social credit systems in the future, and I felt like I needed to throw my skills into the mix to help people understand how such systems can function. (This was the comic I made right after my conversion.)

If you'd like the physical copy you can currently buy one from this small Christian online bookstore called Wise Path Books. (My own little webshop is on a break until I have some spare time.)

My old comics

I can't whole-heartedly recommend the comics I finished during my pre-Christian era, since even though I tried to make them as "just entertainment" and for mass appeal, our worldviews always color our creations. But the comics exist, and read with that understanding they can be kinda decent. So if you do want to read them they are:

"A Redtail's dream" My first finished comic, made when I was in university (finished 2013). It's a fairytale-ish adventure set in a dream world inspired by Finnish mythology. I'm still pretty fond of this one.

"Stand Still. Stay Silent" Begun in 2013 and ran for nearly a decade. It's a post-apocalyptic horror-adventure story, set in the Nordics and with a fantasy flare inspired by Nordic mythologies (Norse and Finnish). NOT suitable for children (and not sensitive adults either) because of the very prominent horror elements.


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(Every now and then I also post free, public update posts, you don't need to subsribe to read those.)

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Contact info: I don't currently have any publicly open contact avenues. I'm cocooned up and focusing on comic work right now so I'm trying to spend very little time on social media and with emails.

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