4 Oct 2017

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4 Oct 2017 || Much menus

Time for an update! One week short of a month since the last one I think, but there's enough new stuff to show to warrant a post. Been focusing on setting up the remaining major parts of the menus, and here's what's done.

First up, the character stat screens:

There's no relationship data yet, so naturally that part is still empty, but the rest of the stats are now visible for all of the characters! The two empty boxes will be for showing equipped items once that becomes a thing.

This is the deck screen. It'll be where you can check what cards each characters have available (everyone has their own collection of cards rather than a shared one) and switch between which ones want to bring into battles. And the little info box of course tells what the effects of the particular card are. Took one and a half weekend to get it all working, but apart from some minor graphical adjustments it's all finished and working as intended.

Finally there a specialization tab (might change the name, such a long word) for some character specialization that all rpgs of all shapes and types need. My inspiration for the setup is the "license boards" from FF12, except simpler, a million times smaller and turned diagonally just for the looks of it.

And I'm pretty happy with how it works. It's really easy to change the layout and contents of the boards on the fly, I just need to move the images of the blocks around and a script on the blocks will check what their diagonal neighbours are, and adjust themselves according to the neighboring blocks they found. In debug mode it looms like this:

The red dots are the "feeler" positions that the blocks check in their search for neighbours, if a red dot lands close enough to the center (blue dots) of another block it's a valid neighbour. Then if at least one of the neighbours are already picked (blue) then the block knows it is available for being picked next (white), as long as there's enough points left of course. If no picked/blue neighbours are found then the block will stay grey and not be pickable.

(I know there's a couple +0 blocks in there, they're not errored out I swear. You'll be able to get cards from the skill trees too, but I didn't add graphics for that yet so card blocks default to showing +0 hp instead.)


That's all for this update. There's still plenty of stuff needed for the menus, like the word map, some way to equip items and little things like that, but that'll have to wait 'til later. I'm fed up with menus for now, the next update will certainly be about something different.