Hi I'm Minna Sundberg, an independent comic artist of about 10 years. In 2020 I gave my life to Christ so now I want to use the skills, that he's given me, to serve his kingdom. So in the spirit of 1. Corinthians 10:31 I'll be drawing comics for the glory of God.

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Currently working on

A Meandering Line (Testimony comic) | Estmated publish date: Nov 2022

Right now I'm working on a short personal testimony comic, which simultaneously gives me time to develop the story idea for my next comic. It'll be free to read online, as usual.

Journey Upstream | Estmated start date: early 2023

This is the next comic that I plan on making, and I'll start working on it right after the testimony comic is done. It has its own website www.journeyupstreamcomic.com where you can find some more info!

Finished comics

Read it here for free | Published: spring 2021

I made the short comic "Lovely People" during 2020-2021 when I felt an internal alarm about the societal creeping towards possible social credit systems in the future, and I felt like I needed to throw my skills into the mix to help people understand how such systems can function. (This was the comic I made rght after my conversion.)

If you'd like the physical copy you can currently buy one from this small Christian online bookstore called Wise Path Books. (My own little webshop is on a break while I finish up the next comic)

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Contact info: I don't currently have any publicly open contact avenues. I'm cocooned up and focusing on comic work right now so I'm trying to spend very little time on social media and with emails.

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