7 May 2019

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7 May 2019 || Snow effect, healing points and backround parallax

Hi all! I actually managed to still get some work between... *gulp*... starting driving school last month and trying to finally get a driver's license. Have my theory test TOMORROW and I'm super nervous, I've been studying so hard and just don't want to fail it and have to reschedule a second one. You have to pay a fee for every test, too! I also have a driving lesson right after the test so extra nervousness there, eep!

Anyway, let's get into what's done for CoH! Number one,I finished the snow effect I had started last time! I can set different wind speeds and snowflake densities for it, depending on if there needs to be just gentle snow or more of a storm in the area. Pretty happy with it!

Second thing is just a simple healing spot script. Almost finished, it just needs some sort of visual (and audio once I get to that part) que for the heal actually happening, now it just... happens. But hey, it's there!

Third addition: parallax background! My brain almost wound itself into a knot from me trying to figure out the math of how the background moves in relation to the character, but it's right what i wanted now! Just a simple visual thing, but it can add sooo much depth to a 2d environment with fairly little effort, I had to do it.


Alrightie, I will see you all next month again! It'll probably be time for more art and story content again since I've taken care of some many of these misc details.