21 August 2018

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21 August 2018 || All animations are done!

The animation mountain, I have conquered it! All the character run animations are drawn, arranged into neat frame grids, compiled into animation clips in Unity and smushed into a bit of code that lets you change the character on the run. Look at all of them go:

I still need to add something to the menu for picking the character you want to control, and the ability to lock the character when the story calls for it. Right now the character change is mapped to pressing the "T" key ("T" is for testing! ;3) and loops through all of them in order. But that's a small thing, probably a one work day addition.

Also, here's what the animation sprites look like in their final grids, ready for import into Unity. There's a second one of the same size for the idle standing animations. It was soooo incredibly boring putting these together, making sure none of the sprites is offset even one pixel since it'll show in the animation as a very visible jolt, had to go back and fix things quite a few times.

And finally, Lalli's and Onni's finished run animations. They've got the same coat so it was pretty easy to finish both in one go. Lalli first:

And then Onni:

I'm glad I did all these, I think many of you will enjoy controlling whoever is your favourite character(s), and I learned a lot. But no more animations! Any little temptations of "ooh, maybe I'll do the tiniest little hand draw bobble animation to the enemy sprites" are GONE! Out the window! Any animation effects for the environment will be things I can achieve through code, like I'm doing with the NPCs. Hand drawn animations will be reserved to very rare, small and important parts, if any such things come up. It was good experience though! But next time: finally something else again.:P