5 Dec 2017

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5 Dec 2017 || Better enemy spawns, scene work

Welcome back again for another update! As most of you probably know I'm currently in the middle of a Kickstarter for printing the second book of my webcomic, and will be using the time I normally spend working on CoH on producing content for the book and other reward tasks for the next couple of months, so things might be a bit sparse in the near future. But I'll still try to find the time to do at least something worth posting about during this little period!

For this update It's mostly things I managed to cook together a couple weeks ago (so before the book Kickstarter), and first up I've improved the appearance of the enemy spawn blobs a bit:

They're no longer solid red dots! And as you can see, there's two different kinds: black colored ones, and red colored ones. The red means it's a tough enemy, like one with the big momma spider. I thought it'd be nice to be able to either have a chance to avoid tough encounters in cases when you're low on health, or hunt them down when you're looking for the challenge without having to enter a bunch of random fights to find it.

The second thing I've done is import all those drawings for the new scenes and put them together in the actual game. It was so much more work that I expected, whew! I kept having to go back and forth between Unity and Photoshop to fix things constantly, because something wasn't aligning correctly, or some overlaying part of the scene (like a roof) was cut out improperly etc. And of course adding colliders (the invisible things that prevent you from walking through everything) to every little part of the scenes, and then my little light and shadow areas. But now there are a total of 6 (two really small) scenes in the game all linked up together, with at least the bare basics set up.

There's still no NPC's, shop functionality and other needed features like that, but I'll start working on those soon.

See you next month again! I might not have much spare time in the near future, but I'll be visiting my parents over the holidays for a week, and while I won't be able to work on anything for the SSSS book there, I will be able to take my laptop with me and maybe get some CoH work done. :3