Plan for 2022

In 2022 I'll start working on my next Christian comic project(s), and I've made a Substack blog where I'll post monthly progress updates for subscribers, and occasional free blog posts for all (Just click "let me read it first" if prompted to subscribe on your first visit). The first comic project will be a short personal testimony of journeying through atheism to becoming a Christain. It should be finished by end of 2022, and will be free to read online. (More info on my Substack "about" page)

Lovely People

I made the comic "Lovely People" in early 2021 to illustrate how social credit systems function in an easy to comprehend way, so people can be prepared. It's written from a Christian worldview (I was a fresh convert at the time), but is meant for both Christians and non-Christians.

It's free to read online, or you can buy the self-published little physical book below.

I've made this newsletter for people who want to be notified when my next comic is ready and available to be read, and occasional updates on stuff related to it. I'll use this newsletter for:
-Infrequent updates on my next comic project, and letting you know when it's ready to be read (for more frequent, monthly progress updates I use my Substack blog)
-News and updates about "Lovely People", print book availability and such.


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NOTE if you're already subscribed to the SSSS newsletter (for my other comic), that's a different newsletter! I'm keeping the two mailing lists separate, since not everyone who reads SSSS will want to continue on to my next project, and naturally won't be interested in getting updates about it.